For many of us not blessed with a open floor plan, maneuvering around closed doors is an annoying daily occurrence. Sure, it might not seem like much, but if you are carrying a lot of tons of laundry or bags of markets, it can get frustrating quickly. For a cheap alternative, consider swinging doors.

Though they are above all practical, swinging doors also instantly evoke a touch of old-fashioned elegance. They help our houses mimic our favorite Italian restaurants, or even bring us back to yesteryear by simulating the times of fancy butlers and proper teatime. Despite their historic background, they’re being used again today because they’re really easy to modernize and customize.

Get some ideas from such classy, contemporary examples for how you might try out this appearance for yourself.


Swinging doors do not always need to be whitened with small round windows. This fun doorway, paired with diner-style chairs and an eclectic chandelier, gives a retro twist that is yet trendy to this space.

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Allow the light in by choosing an all-glass door. It’ll mimic an open floor plan and let you see when people are on their way in or out.

Shane D. Inman

Add twice the fun and double the flexibility by utilizing a double doorway. With all the excess space, you will not have some difficulty with extra-wide loads.

Shane D. Inman

It’s not necessary to specify this heavy laundry basket. Breeze through laundry day with the addition of a swinging door rather than a conventional one.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Give your kitchen restaurant fashion by installing an in and an outside door. It is a great way to turn your kitchen more tasteful when avoiding unwanted run-ins.

Hamilton-Gray Design, Inc..

Customize your swinging door to coordinate with your decor. With oversize black hinges and a iron window layout, this doorway transitions out of stuffy conventional to warm Mediterranean.

Troy Spurlin Interiors

Go bold with a bright red door. It brings in a touch of contemporary style and stands out in this white kitchen.

Crisp Architects

Make serving food less complicated by linking the kitchen and dining area with a formal swinging door. It helps prevent spills and bring elegance to the demonstration.

Braam’s Custom Cabinets

Use a swinging door to conceal pantry snacks from guests. It provides only sufficient separation but still allow for great flow throughout the kitchen.

Terry M. Elston, Builder

Echo an old-school movie theater feel by adding dramatic leather double doors in your home theater.


When you are entertaining, prevent a continuously swinging door by using a doorstop. Once the food is served, get rid of the stopper to conceal the cluttered kitchen out of guests.

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