When I was little, among the first family rules I consumed was never , ever to write on the walls, a rule I broke as soon as I mastered printing in kindergarten. I can still remember the look on my mum’s face when she grabbed me stretched out next to the baseboards, blissfully occupied with my crayons (although it helped my situation that my scrawled message was “I love Mommy”).

Today we’ve chalkboard paint along with other exceptional surfaces to bypass the problem. But there’s no reason to restrict them to kids’ spaces — writing on the walls adds a fun, refreshing, personal opinion to grown-up rooms as well.

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Benedict August

We’ve sung the praises of chalkboard paint and it’s still going strong as an inside wall treatment. Use it to cover an accent wall, then inscribe a message that suits the distance or your disposition. This bright note plays off the happy colors in the room. For fun, use a chalk color that matches your decor.

Faiella Design

Chalkboard paint isn’t the only means to get a hand-scrawled effect. The scene on the walls of this edgy bathroom was layered over regular black paint — a viable alternative if erasability isn’t so significant.

Watch more dramatic black spaces

If you would rather something on the other hand, try dry-erase paint instead. Here it’s used as a kitchen backsplash, handy for jotting recipes, grocery lists and reminders on. As an alternative, you could mount a sheet of glass cloth, paint or wallpaper and buy markers or grease pencils designed to write on it.

Your Room From Cathy Zaeske

For a streamlined alternative to the typical door-mounted message board, simply slather dry-erase paint right onto the door panels.

Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc..

This mural, done using a Sharpie, elevates writing on the wall to an art form. In case your drawing skills are rusty, you could project an image onto the surface and track it over.

Sarah Greenman

A contemporary classic, Graham & Brown’s Frames wallpaper provides you with a blank picture — or hundreds — to fill as you see fit. Scribble notes, post photographs or colour fanciful images as inspiration strikes. Even though the paper is only right for kids’ rooms, you might also hang it in a guest bathroom and invite visitors to add their particular participation.

Holly Marder

This custom hand-drawn wallpaper has the inviting appearance of a coloring book that has not been filled in. Can not it be entertaining for a home office or a playroom?

Jennifer Smith Designs

A sweet message to accompany a set of family photographs radiates joy and heat. Stencils keep lines straight and letters uniform, but if you have pretty handwriting (or even know someone who does), going freehand makes it really personal.

Why limit your scribbling to the walls? Coat a tabletop, a desktop or another flat surface with chalkboard paint or a solid colour, then embellish to your heart’s content.

Paper Source

Removable Chalkboard Wallies – $19.95

If you’re not prepared to commit to a complete chalkboard wall, try out these removable panels instead. Group them together to create a calendar like this you, or mount them gallery design and draw a work of art on each one.


Let’s Stick Together Faux Bois Chalk by Something’s Hiding in Here – $18

A trendy chalkboard wall therapy deserves chic chalk to cooperate with it. These faux bois versions are pretty enough to be a decorative element in their own right.


Bamboo Dry Erase – $59.95

A bamboo dry-erase plank has more texture and nuance than plain white.

Nama Rococo

Random Geometry Wallpaper – $126

If you love the hand-drawn appearance but lack the time or inclination to do it yourself, go the next best path with this beautiful doodle-filled wallpaper.

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