Sine waves, mathematical waves used to record cyclical events such as sound waves and visible light, make a beautifully simple repeating S shape. These four Italian and Canadian designers took such straightforward curves and additional holes to give them life. Each of these pieces works hard to combine the two theories: natural forms and unwanted space.

Canadian companies Molo and Mario Sabljak Design reveal contrary aesthetics which meet at the center: Molo focuses on curves and flexibility, while Sabljak looks to chunky wood forms. But the majority of the designs embrace natural curves. Italian companies Skitsch and Lamberti have more in common, although Lamberti targets very easy sine wave forms.

Note: You can order Molo’s and Skitsch’s products directly from their websites; contact Lamberti and Sabljak via email or phone for ordering information.

Onda Lounge Chair

Here is a tide at its most straightforward form, and ready for lounging as well. I would like you in the colour of a perfect summer veranda.

Onda Table

The curved shape of this minimalist table from Lamberti couldn’t be straightfoward, however, the skewed center hole and slick endings are sudden touches.

Chunk Table

The hollow centre of this table is almost hidden before you walk around to the side. There are no curves here, but what a great way to hide the clutter of publications and mail.

Slab Table

The juxtaposition of tough good wood and glowing plastic ovals keeps this seat looking fresh in whatever area you choose to place it.

Molo Soft Blocks

These modular wall bits out of Molo bend and curve together with accordion-like pleats and folds. The soft, flexible honeycomb material extends to shape the walls, then compresses into a flat shape for storage.

Molo Fanning Stool

Make a stool, then unhook and extend it out or fold it flatter — Molo’s bendable layouts are sturdy yet versatile. Made with magnets and an extremely sturdy paper-based substance, these stools are all about flexibility.

Fildefer Table – EUR 160

Simple curves and unwanted space give a summary effect into the legs of this table out of Skitsch.

Oppacei Papaver Table – $1,350

The basket-like qualities of this table are lessened by its vivid color and modern finishes.

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