electrician Mesa can use up a lot of energy which might cause you to want to use them less in an effort to save energy. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can still get to enjoy your sunroom while keeping your energy costs low.

Whether you already have an existing sunroom or you’re building a new one, here’s how to do it.

Sunroom Retrofits

Temperatures might either be freezing cold in winter or too hot during summer due to the kind of glass you are using on the windows.

Some of the things you can do to be able to control the temperature include:

– Prevent air from leaking out of the room by sealing the areas around the window frames using caulk.

– Tint the windows to minimize intensity and glare from the sun. This will also block ultraviolet rays from the sun that usually cause the furniture to fade.

– Keep your windows covered during winter using a weatherization kit to add a layer or two of plastic covering over the windows. Alternatively, use insulating curtains or drapes over the windows. Open them during the day and close them at night to keep the heat in. You can also use reflective shades over summer months to keep the heat and sun out.

– Use a ceiling fan to cool the room in summer and circulate warm air in winter.

Building a New Sunroom

When putting up new electricians Mesa AZ, here are some steps to take to save energy.

– Build it in a shaded area which will still allow in sunlight during winter and keep out the sun in summer.

– Use energy star qualified windows. Since the room will be 50% glass, use glass that won’t conduct heat or cold. Regular windows aren’t the best. Check the U factor and SHGC. The lower the U and SHGC factor, the better.

Maximize Insulation

When building a new room, make sure you incorporate insulation in the design as much as possible. For instance, go for a ceiling design that can be insulated instead of a room made from glass from top to bottom. Also, it should be possible to insulate the floors and the space between glass panels. Consult with an expert professional to help you come up with the best insulation for the room.

Heating and Cooling

electrician Mesa AZ that’s intended for all-year use should be fitted with an HVAC system. You can connect your sunroom up with the air-conditioning system used in the rest of the house, or you can have one specifically installed in the sunroom.

Once you have set up your sunroom according to your needs, sit back, relax and enjoy it. You can even entertain your guests in the sunroom or you can use the room as a mini greenhouse to get your seedlings started and you can transfer them to your garden or other parts of your house later on.