The owners of the home on Lake Michigan knew they were lucky to have such a view of the water. It was a priority to maintain the sapphire blue horizon line of the lake as unobstructed as possible — but continue to be able to watch TV from bed. Architect Brian Witteman from Milwaukee-based Deep River Partners knew of the perfect solution.

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Deep River Partners

Witteman and firm designed this cushioned bit for the end of the bed. Inside is TV elevator hardware which may be controlled by remote. The customers can observe their TV or store it away with the touch of a button.

The rest of the interior was created with the same clean, modern look at heart. Outdoor stone material was incorporated close to the bedroom entry to blur the line between the indoor room and balcony. Witteman had cherry wood paneling installed against the rear wall, which also comprises a door into a walk-in closet behind the bed. The whole closet and door system is built into the wall , which makes it just as invisible as the TV when it’s tucked away.

Bedframe: Cuba Bed from Koch-Smith

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