The good thing about babies is that they develop. Really fast. One minute they are nestled down in their cribs staring up at the birdie mobile, and the next minute they are hanging Metallica posters over their beds. One minute they are playing princess; the next second, it is twist the bottle.

That, of course, means that their rooms should have the ability to grow also (unless you’ve got the bank accounts and the patience to redecorate every three years).

That’s just one of the gorgeous things about contemporary, diverse kids’ rooms. They are colorful and kid friendly, but also easily transformed as the children develop. Because they include elements of classic layout, they don’t seem outdated after a few decades how a racecar bed may. It’s true that you are going to have to change out the crib as well as the stuffed animals. But the bones are good, with a great deal of flexibility.


This gray and pink room is ideal for a sweet little baby girl. But change out this crib and include a toy storage, and it is also ideal for a growing girl.

Economy Interiors

The novels and knickknacks on the shelf will alter, but the bright colours, multipurpose furniture and neutral walls and floors can grow and morph till college.

Benedict August

A black wall makes for quite a sophisticated nursery (with plenty of opportunity for bright pops of colour). Use chalkboard paint and this becomes the ideal graffiti wall for ages 2 to 18.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

Still another black accent wall at a nursery. With the traditional Eames rocker and the simple, neutral decor, this baby room could could last through college.

Dyna Contracting

Bright walls and entertaining patterns make sense for a long time. The black and white ceiling stripes stimulate an infant’s brain, and they make sense to get a teenager who wishes to turn the space into a punk rock palace.

Heather Lisi

More classic furniture combined with bright colour. The Frames wallpaper by Taylor & Wood transforms the wall into an interactive, always changing canvas.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Neutral, cozy and lively all at once. This built-in bed is the best kid refuge, and the ladder up to the large shelves makes it fun. This could go from toddler space to guest room with just a load of laundry.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Vibrant, lively and elegant. It is sleepover heaven.

Benedict August

A classic Innit seat will sit eternally. Along with the customized map (accessible through Benedict August) is colorful, educational and just plain beautiful.

Flea Market Sunday

This eclectic beauty has a few anchors: the Farfalla wallpaper by Nina Campbell and the built-in shared nightstand. The rest — comforters, throw rugs, pillows — can be easily switched out to accommodate the changing whims of developing girls.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

This chamber is a kid room only by virtue of the fact that it contains a few playthings. The rest of it works for any age, without forcing an adult sensibility onto a tiny tot.

Flea Market Sunday

The tween dream: electric guitars and a Lego attic!

Indestructible furniture like these bashed-up vintage lockers are a great alternative for people between the ages of 1 and 18.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

A woman’s room to last from third grade for her first job. The markers are there — pink, comfy furniture, girly patterns — but none of them are childish.

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