Take advantage of the year and give your home a fresh beginning. We have compiled some of the best organizing and cleaning guides out of , room by room, so you can start the year off with a clean slate.

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Kitchen. Whether your refrigerator needs a good scrubbing, your drawers need to be your pantry requires a complete overhaul, so we’ve got you covered. Get your kitchen spick-and-span and prepared for family dinners and parties throughout the year.

1. Organize Your Kitchen Drawers
2. Clean Out the Pantry
3. Spring Clean Your Own Kitchen
4. 24 Hot Ideas for Stashing Spices

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Bathroom. Even for those lucky enough to have a massive master bathroom, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what needs organizing within this region of the house. The mess hides — in the medicine cabinet or in the towel, under the sink bin. Maintain those tucked-away spaces tidy too with these toilet.

5. Organize the Bathroom for Well-Earned Bliss
6. Bathroom Storage: Where to Maintain the Towels
7. 8 Easy Tips for an Organized Bathroom

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Home office. My home office is made up of little desk and file cabinet in my bedroom, but it ends up a stressful mess of older bills, broken staplers and pens without ink. It’s easy to let all the paper and projects become overpowering. Jump-start your year jump using a revamp of your home office.

8. 5 Ways to Organize Your Home Electronics
9. Prevent the Great Paper Pileup
10. How To Organize Your Home Office
11. Organizing the Office: Inspiring Shelves and Cabinets


Living room. The living area frequently combines several areas — a networking room, a playspace plus a dining space, to name a couple. Get the craziness of your living space under control by deciding your plan of attack: Choose 1 corner or a portion of your living area to undertake a week. These ideabooks will be able to help you to get started.

12. Organize the Media Cabinet
13. Lose It: CDs, DVDs, Cassettes and VHS Tapes
14. How To Hide Your TV Cables
15. How to Design Your Bookcase

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Closet. Everyone has a fantasy closet space. Get a step closer to yours by handling your closet this January. You might be unable to improve your closet’s square footage, but you can upgrade its own (and your) style.

16. Greatest Storage Keys for Clothes
17. 8 Pretty, Practical Jewelry Organizing Ideas
18. 10 Elements of the Fantastic Closet
19. Get Organized: Let Your Shoes

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Garage and cellar. You might have one or possibly, but chances are your own garage or cellar has caused you some organizational stress. Get rid of the junk permanently with these guides to decluttering and reorganizing the garage and cellar.

20. Reduce That Old Sports Equipment
21. 6 Garage Organizing Tips That Really Work
22. 8 Tips to get a Supremely Organized Winter Garage
23. 12 Tips for Supremely Organized Cellar Storage

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Children’ bedroom and playroom. Spend a little time arranging your kid’s bedroom or playspace, and you may save yourself a lot of time picking up their toys and junk later. Organizing children’s spaces isn’t just about making them look good — you need to ensure that the children know how to keep them neat and tidy, too.

24. 5 Methods to Maintain Toys Tidy
25. Organize a Children’ Closet Lickety-Split
26. Smart Back-to-School Storage: Wicker Baskets
27. Corral Kids’ Books

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Laundry room. Maintain your laundry room out of becoming a chaotic clothes-filled free-for-all, and aim to get a nice space to clean clothes instead. Straightforward works better for this room — and you’ll be able to get a surprisingly relaxing laundry space of your own with these guides.

28. Create a Clean Break With Laundry Chaos
29. 6 Ways to Care for Your Washing Machine
30. How To Give Your Laundry a Boost

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