The textbook definition of”pegboard” reads:”A board having a regular pattern of small holes for pins, used mostly for the screen of advice.” To begin with, I have never noticed pegboard used for games, but that’s all that I want to see. Secondly, pegboard is superversatile and can be used in any room to arrange just about anything you can imagine. And while some folks question the beauty of pegboard, I have lots of ideas for keeping it under wraps.

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Flaunt it. Make no mistake, this sewing room is organized to a T utilizing pegboard. Costing about $20 for 16 square feet, pegboard is an affordable organizing option that can’t be overlooked.

Custom-fit notice: Your neighborhood hardware store can reduce your pegboard to your precise dimensions. One or two cuts are often included when you purchase it in the shop; some extra changes are around 50 cents per cut.


Put it on screen. That I really like using pegboard in craft rooms, where many tools and smaller things need to be within arm’s reach. This homeowner showcases pegboard, keeping it front and center. You can hang tools of the trade like scissors, brushes and crafting gadgets.

Laura Trevey

Keep it under wraps. An easy DIY: Paint your pegboard to match the color of your walls. This easy trick will keep the functionality of the organizing tool when keeping its own utilitarian aesthetic concealed.

Thought for usage: Rotate the kids’ artwork; you won’t need to maintain nailing holes in the wall.

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Lay low. This small pegboard patch blends in with its environment when compared with a bright pop of color.

Thought for usage: Hang pots and pans on the wall, or show your own coolest kitchen gadgets.


Cover it up. A square foot of pegboard painted a brighter colour in the same color family reads kitschy and fun.

Thought for usage: Pair it with a small basket to corral everyday office items.

Brooklyn Limestone

Allow it to be elegant. Pegboard that’s styled and spray silver is a winner in my book. End this notion by pairing it with framed corkboard and artwork to get a unified front.

Organizing idea: Mix and match with your pegboard hooks to get a custom organizing alternative. Here’s a close-up of the framed. Notice how an assortment of hooks is utilized.

Camouflage it. Employing a classic map, consumer Bette joined an empty frame and pegboard to create a exceptional screen. You can use decorative paper, children’s artwork or newspaper as a backdrop for this particular undertaking.

Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design, LLC

Conceal it. In a teen’s bedroom, pegboard goes almost unnoticed when painted silver. A sterile touch is having a complementary color peek through to give the wall depth and feel.

Thought for usage: Hang hats or accessories to make it easy for your young ones to begin great organizing habits.

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(Almost) hide it. The closet is just one of my favorite places to use pegboard. Painting it a high-gloss black gives a nice finishing touch, while the board helps maintain bags and purses within reach.

Thought for usage: Hang bracelets, bracelets, earrings, scarves and belts.

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Tuck it off. Once I look at this picture, all I can think is,”Genius!” Even if pegboard is tucked off, its effectiveness is obvious. For a more industrial look, pegboard is also accessible steel.

Divine Design+Build

Keep it out of sight. This might be a harder DIY job than you’re used to, but I did find a company that manufactures something similar. Hafele America produces a drawer peg program with utensil dividers like those shown above. For deep drawers, it is also possible to use tall pins to maintain dishes from tripping over.

Inform us: What room is your favorite for pegboard? Do you maintain yours concealed or on screen?

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