Producers normally make prefabricated granite backsplashes to match coordinating granite countertops, premeasuring equally for standard kitchens or baths. Although habit granite cuts allow more design flexibility, the backsplash provides both uniformity and affordability for remodeling your house. Some variety is present at the height and thickness, but the most popular size is more readily available and simple to install.

Standard Sizes and Variations

A standard kitchen granite backsplash comes prefabricated with a height of 6 inches, while those made for baths are 4 inches higher. The span is generally 96 inches to get a kitchen counter backsplash to as brief as 20 inches for a bathroom vanity counter. You can reduce the distance of most backsplashes to fulfill your requirements. In case you’ve got an unusually large spout that causes water to dab higher than normal, start looking for a backsplash with a height of 7 inches. The extra height may also be useful for covering drywall damage from the elimination of a preceding 4- or 6-inch piece of granite. Though they’re more uncommon, you can order complete backsplashes with a height ranging from 15 inches to over 24 inches. A thickness higher than 3/4 inch is rarely required, and the excess weight could lead to damage to the wall.

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