Do not shy away from the yaupon holly (Ilex vomitoria) because of its delightful scientific title. For Sunset Climate Zones 3 through 11 and 9 through 32, the shrub characteristics outstanding red berries in cold temperatures and shiny, small – ever-green leaves to add colour to your own landscape year round. Cultivars may be sheared into columns or formed topiaries, although yaupons have a normally rounded form in addition to trained in to weeping common trees.

Sterilize the blades of your pruning tools with rubbing alcohol to remove the possibility of spreading illness from crops that are formerly pruned.

Cut crossing down branches to the idea where they join a branch that is bigger nearer to to the middle of the bush. Using by-pass pruners to get loppers to get a bigger branch or a branch, make the cut approximately parallel to the primary trunk of the holly.

Branch ends straight back to bud or a node when a particular form to be created by pruning. Cut at an -tilting 45-degree angle to permit water to camouflage the stub and also to drop the cut off.

Therefore the upper part of the shrub is somewhat narrower in relation to the bottom to produce a hedge, shear yaupon hollies; this permits sunlight hitting all parts of the crops, reducing the odds that leaves will be dropped by the holly and become ages.

Prune off the branches of a youthful Ilex vomitoria ‘pendula’ that continues to be grafted beginning 8 to 12″ in the crown. Produce a total impact as the branches develop and obviously or bud to inspire a crown that may be stringy and make cuts straight back to just weep downward. Trim off branches before they reach the floor as the tree grows.