The ceiling of your new house co-ordinated toss pillows and gives you an abundance of decorating options past the common wall-hangings. In case your living area, bedroom or kitchen functions wood ceiling beams, increase their austere possible by installing in to them-and hanging beaded curtains, pot racks, plants or something else that strikes your fancy. You never need to to find them with a stud-finder since the beams are obvious. Install the hooks in the middle of the width of the beam to create the installation as strong as possible in the event you plan to to hold something large.

Tap the beam along with your knuckles to check for hollowness. Continue in case the beam is strong. It’s purely ornamental, not structural if it’s hollow, plus extremely mild decorations will be only supported by it. Don’t try to to hold large things from a beam that is hollow.

Determine in which you want to install the hook. Measure the size or width of the beam using a measuring tape to locate a precise place, in the event the task does not need that degree of specificity, or select an area by eye. Mark the the location using a thumbtack therefore it will be easily noticeable.

Fit a drill using a drill-bit one dimension smaller in relation to the diameter of the screw of the ceiling hook. Remove the thumbtack and drill a pilot hole in the the location. Make sure that the hole is as the shaft of the screw.

Screw the hook to the hole. Twist it in at least are inside the beam, 1/2