Box elder tree, or the small, bright-red bugs feeding in your Acer negundo, are the immature or nymphs Boisea rubrolineata, the boxelder bug. The adult of the plant feeder has a body about one half inch-long with three vertical stripes on the pronotum, the area just behind its head. Both adults and nymphs feed on foliage, seeds, sap and the flowers of Acer species and box elders. Sometimes big teams of nymphs and adults congregate on the tree, as they seldom cause considerable harm, but this is not any reason for alarm. It may be alarming nevertheless, to locate these creatures in your house. The bugs seek shelter indoors as temperatures start to fall in autumn and their extermination is needed. Both adults and nymphs are ruined utilizing the same techniques.


Hand-choose immature and adult bugs from bark and the foliage of the tree. Don’t worry, boxelder bugs can’t bite people.

Drop the bugs into soapy water to destroy them. Boxelder bugs drown effortlessly.

Use a stiff- brush to eliminate the bugs hiding within grooves and channels of the bark. As they fall to the floor, spot any bugs that are stay to the water.

Where bugs are current, spray a stream of water from a hose onto regions of the tree.


Vacuum bugs from draperies, carpeting, partitions and other surfaces. Dispose of the vacuum contents in container or a sealed bag to avoid re-introducing the bugs in-doors.

Use water along with a wash cloth or sponge to remove the bugs from partitions and non-carpeted floors. Water frass, or will eliminate stains from your bug excrement.

Seal cracks across the house to avoid invasion.