Your garden could become a magnet for community cats. Felines are interested in backyard beds for a number of reasons. The soil that is delicate offers the perfect feel for digging or wildlife and the crops in the backyard will be the primary draw. Keeping the cats out or inactive exclusion techniques that make your lawn (San Diego, CA) uncomfortable in the eyes of the cat are, required by the crops, while maintaining the region desirable.

Cut 1-inch chicken wire or wire-mesh fencing to to match on the backyard bed, utilizing wire snips. Make the mesh 2″ larger on all sides in relation to the bed area it addresses.

Lay the mesh on the mattress before planting veggies or flowers. For beds, cut a gap for every single plant utilizing the wire snips.

Bend the edges of the mesh down and drive these into the soil. Cover the mesh using a 1/2- to 1-inch layer of mulch. Cats don’t like the sense of the mesh on their toes and can not dig in the mattress.

A cat repellent spray across crops you-can’t guard with mesh or or about the perimeter of the mattress. Frequent re-application is required by these sprays, usually after irrigation or rain. Follow package directions for greatest-use methods.

Install a motion-activated sprinkler close to the backyard mattress that is impacted. These sprinklers come on briefly when they discover the movement of the cat. Animals are usually scared off by sudden sprays of water.