With Thanksgiving this week, many of us are in full scale dinner-planning mode. Along with menu coordination comes table arrangements. I am a firm believer that holiday tablescapes can have a spiritual route. I think that the holidays should be exactly what you want them to be, and if this means blue and white for Thanksgiving and pink and green for Christmas, I say go for it! I am all about diverse holiday decor.

Delicate Creature

White pumpkins appear to be all the rage this season, and I am digging it. They are fresh, modern and monochromatic, but still festive. I am enjoying this pairing of white pumpkins, candles and dishware using a stylish, subtle play of patterns in the linens.

Personalize your pumpkin decor with stick-on embellishments. For the dinner table, I would take this exact same idea and use initials to little gourds for seats assignments (and easy party favors — who doesn’t like a cute takeaway?) . The striped tablecloth and dab of green enliven the appearance.

Try an alternative to organic pumpkin colours: Spray-paint pumpkins and gourds to your heart’s content! Bring these components to the dinner table with simple white dishes, wine glasses and a few candles.


Et voila! This tablescape requires on a neutral appearance, with gold and patterned accents.

Z Gallerie

Antique Mercury Pumpkins – $39.95

Not the DIY kind? Purchase pre-foiled pumpkin accessories to easily glam up any dining table.

greige/Fluegge Interior Design, Inc..

You can not fail with greenery. Plants of any type, whether it’s a fragrance or pottedplants, will enliven any tablescape.


Succulents In Rectangular Wound Rope Pot – $24

Succulents are a (nearly) fool-proof go-to plant for individuals lacking a green thumb, but they are more than just an easy-to-keep-alive plant. They are plump, bright and extremely textural, which provides a whole new dimension to table configurations. Utilize one collection of these as a centerpiece…


VivaTerra – VivaTerra – Succulent Cube Garden (set of 3) – $79

… or scatter a couple small bursts of succulents along the table. Another nice feature of these durable plants is that you’ll have them long after the party’s over!

Sutton Suzuki Architects

It’s not a tablescape, but you can take inspiration from this gorgeous vignette. The flower arrangement gives a delectable mixture of shades and textures, but the sculpture and sketch draw in extra layers which may easily translate into a Thanksgiving table.

More ideas for fall floral arrangements

Taylor Lombardo Architects

This dining table has a wonderfully warm mixture of glass, florals and textiles.

The pattern of the tablecloth is offset by the strong blue plates. Matching napkins with coordinating rings and easy flowers makes this a beautiful — yet approachable and comfy — holiday dining table dressed to impress and to have fun.


Like succulents, natural accessories, such as branches, are suitable decor for all kinds of parties (or everyday life)! When the party’s over, move the centerpiece into a console table or bookcase. If you eventually tire of its appearance, reinvent it with a coat of paint.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Tall branches together with the occasional marijuana make a candy but deep centerpiece.

Clayton Gray Home

Willow Tabletop Decoration Coffee Table Centerpiece – $75

For a little dining table, one of these will find the dialogue started. For a larger dining table, bunch a couple in the middle, or distribute them.

Blooms & Branches

Exotic Grapewood – $19.35

A sculptural element is not just eye candy, but also a conversation-starter. Real or faux, branches (or branch-like accessories) provide a dining table depth and excitement. While it makes a statement all it’s own, it also plays well with others; mix it with a pared down appearance (white table cloth, tea lights, easy napkins) or dress it up with patterns and colours.

Anne Rue Interiors

Buffets or serve-yourself-setups do not need to imply plastic cutlery and paper plates; this dining table is prepared to party with easy elegance.

West Elm

Perforated Metallic Tealight Holders – $10

I do like to combine metals. What is more romantic than perforated tea lights which scatter dappled light round a low-light, high heeled dinner party?

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