I once rented a heritage flat where the bedroom was so tiny that the only sensible place to set the mattress was facing a window. It took some time to get used to the idea, but I began to love waking up with the sun climbing over my head. No demand for the alarm clock! See what designers recommend when coping with this could-be-awkward mattress placement.

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Fowler Interiors

1. Take attention from the window by putting massive items on either side. In cases like this, symmetrical paintings and table lamps balance the space nicely.

Kerrie L. Kelly

2. Maintain the reduced. The headboard of this bed just lines up with all the window sill. This keeps the room from being too dark. The double-hung windows are still within reach for operation.

3. Treat the window and wall as a single surface. I like how the designer wrapped the draperies from the window and around the corner. There is sufficient room for the bed to be turned off but the sunlight coming from this modern bed is considerably more dramatic.

Nicholas Moriarty Interiors

4. Use top-down dividers for privacy. This cleverly designed bedroom utilizes top-down/bottom-up dividers for ease of use. This is the size of the bedroom in my previous rental flat. Repeating the window valance and blind provides a consistent look.

Debra Campbell Design

5. Place draperies around the window. This comfy cottage makes use of this millwork on the walls, and the drapes were hung in line with the window mullion too. They are sometimes closed to customize the brightness in the room.

Michael Merrill Design Studio, Inc

6. Use a pole bed frame to disguise the window. This tasteful hotel-like guest bedroom utilizes draperies in a similar way as the previous space, however, the dropped ceiling gives the sleeping place a more romantic feeling.

Imagine Living

7. Leave space behind the window. If you have the room, why don’t you just let the mattress float in the room? The texture that is floating is enhanced by the legs on all the furniture.

How have you resolved an awkward bedroom design? Share your photograph below!

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