The process of acid-washing your pool eliminates unsightly stains as a result of algae buildup and hard water. Once your water starts to appear murky and unusually black or green, it is very likely your pool could use an acid-wash to wash this up. While you’re able to perform this process yourself, it is ideal to leave it to a professional service to prevent damaging the plaster surface of the pool.

The Pool from the Black Lagoon

Without routine maintenance, your pool water will start to allow the development of algae. Algae growth that sits in your pool for months or more at a time will stain the porous plaster from this pool so intensely that you won’t be able to eliminate it with routine scrubbing. Generally, if you can not find the bottom of your pool through the slimy water, then it has been sitting long enough to warrant an acid-wash. After scrubbing it another indication your pool requires an acid-wash is the rapid growth of algae. Spores can seep deep within the plaster that is and continue.

Scrub a Dub Dub with Acid from the Tub

To acid-wash your pool, you’ll need to drain all the water out of it, using a pump. Wet the walls with a hose of the pool. Mix equal portions hydrochloric acid also referred to as muriatic acid water and — to spray the surfaces of the pool. Scrub the acid mixture into the plaster surface for about 30 seconds, with a brush. Wash away the acid with water to stop it. Based on the depth of these stains within the pool, you may need to replicate this process. Once full, neutralize the contaminated water with soda ash and then pump the rinse water out of the pool.

To Acid-Wash or Not To Acid-Wash

Your pool generally only requires an acid-washing each five to seven years if you frequently treat and take care of the water in it, recommends the Bratton Pools site. Acid-washing your pool often can harm the plaster coating within the pool since the acid strips off a little layer of it every time you do it. Rather than acid-washing a slightly cluttered pool, manually scrub it with no acid or with a chlorine alternative to prevent damaging the plaster. This could be enough to wash out the pool. Be aware that you should never acid-wash vinyl-lined pools, which only require cleaning with solvents and conditioners.

Acid Is a Dangerous Thing

Even though you are able to acid-wash yourself with substances found in any pool supply shop, if you do not understand what you are doing, you could seriously harm your pool or injure yourself. When acid-washing a pool, then you need to wear protective equipment because of the caustic nature of the chemicals, which can burn your skin and cause respiratory damage if inhaled. For safety reasons, always execute an acid-wash with one other person serving you. Improperly washing your pool with acid may not just harm the plaster, but could cause discoloration. Consult with a professional pool cleaner concerning acid-washing to prevent problems with your pool.

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