Silk comforters and duvet covers are fragile and need gentle care to keep them in prime condition. Silk fibers are produced from the cocoons of silkworms and therefore are sensitive to heat, heat, agitation and detergent. Wet cleaning is not recommended, and most dryers are too unpleasant for silk. Gentle methods such as airing and vacuuming can remove dirt and dust without damaging the fibers. Proper storage and care of the silk comforter and duvet cover can keep it feeling and looking shiny for several decades.


Place a large plastic tarp or sheet on the ground outside in a shady place or indoors in a well-ventilated area.

Cover the plastic using a white sheet. Place the silk comforter or duvet on the sheet and smooth it out.

Flip the comforter or duvet after about an hour, and let it air out for another hour.


Put the silk comforter or duvet on a smooth, clean surface.

Cover a nozzle attachment on your vacuum using clean nylon panty hose or cheesecloth and hold it into position using rubber bands. This helps prevent the silk from being sucked into the nozzle.

Vacuum the silk using the nozzle attachment in small sections to eliminate as much dirt and dust as possible. For damaged silk, hold the nozzle about one inch away from the silk surface.


Fold and place the clean, aired-out comforter in a plastic bag or airtight container with a couple packets of silica beads to absorb any moisture.

Place the bag in a cool, dry location.

Place a couple cedar wood balls around the comforter to repel any insects, particularly if you’re not utilizing an airtight container.

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