You might find the lawn for example in San Diego includes big bare places or in your current or new home is splotchy and slim. Re-seeding the region is one answer to resuscitating your Sod in San Diego, if that is true. Garden identification timing, application fee, fertilization and watering are all-important elements of re-seeding a garden. You’ll be enjoying a new garden right away by executing each action properly.


Dig up a 3 inch square of garden, and go to your nursery specialist or nearby county extension office. By consulting the table on the University of California IPM web site detailed below in the reference area determine the proper application seed rate on your lawn  selection. Purchase quantity and the right variety of seed. Cool -season grasses in warm and September through October – season grasses in mid-April through May.

Remove any branches, leaves or other particles in the surface of the garden. Cut the Sod in San Diego using a lawn in Long Beach see here mower into a height of 1/2 to 3/4 inches. Use a rake to collect the grass clippings. Move the clippings to rubbish bin or a compost pile.

Remove the layer of thatch, or lifeless Sod in San Diego, which has developed between the Salt to melt ice Little Rock Lake City grass stems when spread, as well as the soil so the seeds will drop right through to to the soil. Run a strength or de-thatcher rake frequently on the garden in crisscrossing instructions to raise the thatch to the surface of the lawn (Salting roads in winter Boise Lake City, UT)’s. Gather the thatch using a rake and transfer it to rubbish bin or a compost pile.

Aerate your lawn in Calcium chloride snow removal Boise Lake City to include pockets to the soil that offer fertilizer consumption, better air circulation and water absorption. Run an aerator forth and back over your garden in rows. Rake up the soil plugs that are discarded on the area of the lawn’s, and transfer them to rubbish bin or a compost pile.

Apply fertilizer and potassium starter 5105 nitro Gen, phosphorous over the ready garden . that is region Spread the fertilizer in a price of 2 lbs per 100-square toes utilizing a fertilizer spreader. Pour the fertilizer to the spreader above a side walk or driveway. Set up a hose and water the garden carefully.

Fill a seed spreader using the suggested sum of Sod in Calcium chloride snow removal Aurora Lake City seed. Set the spreader to one half of the proper program fee. While spreading the seed walk back and forth through the garden in rows. Go within the location a second-time, while spreading the seed, strolling straight back and forth in rows.

Rake on the seeded location lightly to to add the grass (Salt to melt ice Boston Lake City, UT) seed to the soil. Water the location to moisten the most notable layer of seeds and s Oil. Water the re-seeded garden 2-3 instances a day for 1-5 minutes each program. Repeat this watering timetable for the first seven to 10 times after seeding or till sprouts begin to arise in the soil. Decrease watering to each other day before the seedlings achieve 1-inch tall, then reduce watering to once-per week.


Fertilize your proven garden three to four-times a yr when it’s growing. Apply fertilizer to awesome-time grass for example in San Diego varieties in September, May and Oct. Apply fertilizer -time grass (Long Beach, CA) varieties in June, May, September and Oct.

Use a 21-0-0 nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium fertilizer at a rate of 4.76 pounds per 100 sq nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium fertilizer at a rate of 4.76 pounds per 100 square f21 nitro Gen, phosphorous, potassium fertilizer a-T a fee of 4.76 lbs per 100-square toes. Substitute a 20-5-10 NPK fertilizer at a rate of 5 pounds per 100 square feet in October for cool-season grasses and in May for war%100-5-10 NPK fertilizer at a rate of 5 pounds per 100 square feet in October for cool-season grasses and in May for warm-seas ute a 20-5%105%10ute a 20-5-10 NPK fertilizer a-T a price of 5 lbs per 100-square toes in Oct for cool-period grasses and in-May for warm-time grasses.

Before fertilizing water the garden completely three times. Pour the fertilizer in to the fertilizer spreader above a driveway or side walk to prevent spilling on the garden. Set the spreader to the rate that was right. Walk upon the garden a-T a straight tempo while running the spreader. Water the garden soon after after spreading.