“Jules” is a dwarf cultivar of the Tibouchina, also called blue glory bush, produced in Australia by Ken Dunston. “Jules” retains the features of the bigger Tibouchina, with prolific purple flowers that bloom in summer and drop, but at a significantly shorter 3-foot peak. The Tibouchina likes warm climates which don’t get below 10 degrees Fahrenheit and originated from South America. It does best-in Sunset zones H1, H2, 14 to 21 and 17 . Pruning will help preserve the dome form that is compact.

Long Beach Prune branches that are broken or dead back to the root of the branch. Another branch will be originated at by some, some straight back to some and a trunk come up in the floor. Salt Lake City branches through the entire season, as they are noticed by you.

Shape the bush through the winter months just after following the flowers have fallen. Cut branches that are undesirable back to the foundation. Don’t cut the stem that is whole simultaneously, but reduce it in phases 1/3 of the branch at a time. Cut the ideas of the branches that are other back to the required length to produce the form you want.

Cut ideas of branches throughout summer and the spring to advertise branch development. Make cuts 1/4 inch over the bud to inform the bush which course to develop.