Add-ons and wall artwork need hanging that is appropriate to correctly accentuate the decor of your room. A sloppily photo can drop off the beaten track, creating injury to itself or other things in the area and will not stay level. Picture wires generate a safe hanging mechanism and stretch over the rear of the whole body. When installed correctly, these wires flush to the wall therefore it will not lean and keep the-art level or tilt from the disturbance.

Lay the picture-frame face-down. Measure the sides of the body. Mark the frame on every side using a pencil one fourth of the way down in the corners.

Drill a pilot hole on every pencil mark. Use a drill-bit one dimension smaller in relation to the screws included with all the wire eyelet hooks.

The eyelet hooks to the pilot holes. When correctly installed, the part of the hooks encounter toward each other on both sides of the body.

Insert a 5 inch size of the image wire through one of the eyelets. Fold again the 5″ and twist it around the wire.

Insert the end of the wire during the eyelet that is other. Leave enough slack in the wire it reaches about half-way to the very top of the body plus to ensure that when it stretches over the rear of the photo frame it is possible to pull the wire. Fold on the conclusion of the wire, trim it into a 5-inch size, then wrap it to secure it in position.

Stick an adhesive foam pad to every one of the corners of the picture-frame. These pads while maintaining the hanging image level, protect your wall.