Chrysanthemums, also mums that are called, come in hundreds of colours and types. The Blue Knoll chrysanthemum (Heteropappus meyendorfii “Blue Knoll”) has a cheerful yellow middle and extended, violet petals that seem like those of a daisy’s. The Blue Knoll mum is hardy to U.S. Department of Agriculture zone 2, and it grows as well in containers as it does in the flowerbed.


Blue Knoll mums grow from seed. Sow the seeds in a container filled with potting soil about 8 weeks ahead of the last frost day of your area’s. Cover the seeds. Keep the temperature between 64 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. When the soil feels dry, water the seeds. Germination occurs within 10 to 21 times. Blue Knoll mums can be propagated from cuttings or division. For those who have a Blue Knoll mum plant that is mature, take off a bit of stem 3 to 4 inches long. Dip the conclusion of the stem in rooting hormone. The end of the stem 1-inch deep in sphagnum moss, sand or vermiculite. To propagate Knoll mums via division, dig a plant in spring when shoots achieve about 1 to 3″ tall up. Separate the root clumps.

Soil, Sunshine and Water

Blue Knoll mums are a cold-hardy biennial, plus they like developing in part-shade or full sun. You might need to supply lighting to make up for the absence of sunlight if developing mums in-doors. Blue Knoll mums require about six or five hours of sunlight each day. All mums prefer moist, well-drained soil having a pH of of around 6.5. They do best in sandy or loamy soil.


Plant Blue Knoll mums in your garden after all danger of frost has passed for the area. Select a website which gets full sunlight, but isn’t lit by porch or road lights at night. Nighttime lights can hinder flower and bud development. To plant your Blue Knoll mums, dig a hole twice as as large as as the root ball of the plant. Mix a layer of compost or peat to the soil for drainage. The plant to the hole, fill with water and soil before the soil feels moist.

General Treatment

In case you plant your mums fertilize them once monthly having a watersoluble plant-food. Continue. No fertilizer is needed by blue Knoll mums planted in the drop. Pinch off the ideas of the mums when they attain about 6″ tall. This prompts bushier and flowering development. In case your Knoll mums were currently in bloom when you you purchased them in spring, reduce straight back onethird of the stems to motivate another round of blooming in the drop.