Door paint chips or peels off to the elements due to continuous exposure. If it wasn’t utilized properly steel garage-door paint can peel, or the incorrect kind of paint was employed. Unlike wood garage doors, metal doors don’t have a surface that easily absorbs paint. Paint being used to the metal surface usually causes peeling paint on steel garage doors. Steel is a nonporous substance that doesn’t absorb paint does and it’s going to need to be roughened in order to which the paint adheres to create grooves.

Scrape bubbled most of the chipped and peeling paint the steel garage door using a metal putty knife off.

Sand the places with medium-grade sandpaper where the paint was removed to roughen the area of the metal garage-door. This may allow the paint to to stick more easily to the steel.

Sand off any rust on the metal garage door with medium-grade sandpaper.

Wash the garage-door using a remedy of 1/3 cup tri-sodium phosphate and 2 gallons warm sponge. a water and Use rubber gloves to protect your fingers in the soap solution. Rinse the door with clear water from a hose off.

Wipe down the locations where the peeling or chipped paint was removed, utilizing a clear cloth.

Apply a coat of rust- metal primer with zinc to the places that are bare. Wait two hours for the primer to dry to the idea or to established where it’s only somewhat tacky to the touch.

The acrylic-latex paint through the use of a little square of it utilizing a paintbrush. Wait two hrs for it to dry.

Place an item of masking tape on the paint and peel off it. It’ll not adhere to the do or and can chip or bubble in case the paint comes off using the tape. This might be triggered by air that’s the incorrect temperature or too humid. It might also be triggered by accidentally buying the incorrect type of paint. Check the paint can label on the minimal and optimum temperature needed for program of the paint for details, then when the out-door temperature is is at the correct range, reapply the paint.

Apply a coat of acrylic-latex exterior paint to the metal do-or, utilizing a paint-roller.