Floor plans usually contain a set of doors that are hinged a laundry off-set in a hall way, in a closet or as exterior doorways that open to deck or a patio. Converting these doors removes particular inconveniences and affords space on the floor in the dwelling area. Together with the exception side which may be broken, to sliding doors, the doors may be fitted with unique components and converted. Components are required by the work from some tools as well as a sliding-door package.


Set up an electric drill or cordless drill using a -tip attachment. Remove any surface-mounted barrel bolt latches and the door handles. Do or bolts that are mortised can stay or be eliminated before painting the doorways as well as the mortise filled.

Remove the pins at one-door by driving the heads of the pins utilizing the suggestion of a flat-blade screw-driver, and striking the butt of the screwdriver handle with a hammer. Lift the door off the hinges and set it apart. Repeat this and raise the remaining door off the hinges.

Stand one of the doorways on the industry leading and remove the screw and hinges in the other edge of the door with all the drill -tip attachment. Repeat this and eliminate the hinges in the door that is remaining.

Remove any mechanical or magnetic catches in the surface of the doorjamb with all the drill and -tip attachment.

Sliding Door Hardware

Stage the upper and lower bumpers, rollers, tracks and screws from a sliding-door package nearby.

Measure the width of the door-opening involving the faces of the jambs, and deduct 1/8 inch for clearance. Transfer this measurement to the very top of the monitor, as well as the lower of the track.

Mark a square-line across each monitor at your measurement using a builder’s square as well as a felt tip marker. Cut each monitor using a hacksaw to size. Touch burrs up in the cuts having a file that is flat.

Align the encounter of the monitor 1/8 inch inside of the outer fringe of of the jamb . that is head Attach the track to the head that is jamb by driving one of the offered screws with screw a-T all the holes in the monitor with all the drill -suggestion attachment.

Align the edge of the track 1/8 inch inside of the outer of the jamb at each finish. Attach the monitor to the ground by driving one of the screws that are offered a-T all the holes in the monitor.

Mark the areas of the rollers in the upper faces of every door. Rollers mount 2″ from a benefit of the do or. Position a roller in a mark and connect it to the within encounter of the do or using the screws that are supplied. Repeat this and attach the rollers that are remaining.

Cutting and Installation

Establish the peak of the doorways by measuring the length between the highest fringe of of the monitor and also the cheapest fringe of of the track and deducting 1/4 inch for clearance. Measure from your undersides of mark and every roller faces of every door in the measurement that is corrected.

Mark a straight-line across the encounter of every door. Cut the doorways using a circular noticed.

Ask an assistant to aid hang each do-or from the rollers in the very best track. Allow the doorways to to hold plumb as you connect the guides that are supplied to the track. You connect the manual using the supplied screws or by compressing the edges in to grooves on the monitor, and slide a manual underneath the the key fringe of of the do or.

Slide one-door closed contrary to the aspect of the jamb. Loosen one of the adjustment screws on maneuver and the roller the do or to get a , uniform that is flush suit from the jamb. Tighten the adjustment screw. Repeat this task and align the do or in the contrary jamb.

Slide one-door closed contrary to the aspect of the jamb. Mark a quick reference line on the jamb in the facial skin of the do-or. Slide the door from the jamb. Attach the bumper that is provided in the reference mark, just to the surface of the jamb. Repeat this task and connect the bumper for the do or in the contrary jamb.