Bathroom drains are subject to clogs from gathered hair and soap scum. Chemical drain cleaners can be found to clear your drains, but the harsh chemicals are tough on pipes, especially older ones. With eco-friendly home treatments, you can keep your drains running freely and prevent costly plumbing penalties.

Clearing Drains

Remove the stopper by pulling it upwards. If the stopper doesn’t pull out easily, it may be held in place with a pivot rod. Look under the sink for a nut which retains the pivot rod set. Unscrew the nut. Use pliers when it’s tough to turn. Pull the pivot rod out to release the stopper.

Clear hair trapped across the stopper. Wash the stopper with dish soap and water.

Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup white vinegar to the drain. It will begin to foam.

Place the stopper back in the drain to cover it. Wait five minutes until the mix stops foaming.

Remove the stopper and pour boiling water to the drain to clear away debris. Reinstall the stopper. For a pivot-rod type, line up the pivot rod with the slot in the stopper. Replace the nut to the pivot rod and tighten by hand. Run water in the sink and await leaking across the nut. If there’s any leaking, tighten the nut further using pliers.

Clearing Stubborn Hair Clogs

Remove the sink stopper in the drain (see step 1, above).

Bend a wire clothes hanger to form a little hook which will fit down the drain. Reach down the drain with the clothing hanger to fish out hair.

Flush the drain with hot water. Replace the stopper (see step 5, above).

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