Kukio is an exclusive high-end development situated on the stunning lava-rock-strewn Kohala coast in Hawaii. Billionaires Charles Schwab, George Roberts and Michael Dell are still just a couple of individuals said to become residents of the area.

When a real estate developer in Eugene, Orgegon, constructed a house there — together with Maryl Pacific Construction — with the intention of selling it off, he and his wife fell head over heels for the spot and decided to keep it for themselves instead. But before moving into the sprawling, fully furnished property, which consisted of a 4,000-square-foot, one-bedroom main house and 2 two-bedroom guesthouses, each in 1,800 square feet, they desired to swap out the furnishings and redesign the insides reflect their personal style.

They called in Jacques Saint Dizier, a Healdsburg, California, designer who’d helped the couple with interiors in their properties. Saint Dizier set on a floor-to-ceiling revamp, including the furnishings, and even curated an impressive Hawaiian art collection. He utilized the ocean to inspire his layout, first bringing in lavish mother-of-pearl walls and building from that point. “I wished to attract the homeowners’ personalities throughout,” Saint Dizier states. “They’re very casual, however they enjoy living the glamorous way of life.”

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Who lives here: A real estate developer and his wife
Location: Kukio Bay, Kohala Coast, Hawaii
Size: 4,000 square feet (one-bedroom main house); 2 2-bedroom guesthouses that are 1,800 square feet every
Budget: Not disclosed. Properties in the region go for about $ 5 million to $10 million and more; furnished homes are generally $15 million to $20 million.

Saint Dizier Design

The wall paneled in Maya Romanoff mother-of-pearl from the master bedroom set the glamorous and ocean-inspired tone for most of the house. “It gives the space an outstanding feel,” Saint Dizier states. “The walls appear to move — there’s so much luster, but not over the top such as Las Vegas. It’s very calming.”

The cedar-encased room leads to a tropical garden with sculptures and a terrace. Considering that the properties in the evolution are rather close together, lava rock walls produce privacy in order that doors can fold completely open.

Black chair: bamboo, Budji; bed: Ironies; armoire: Sloan Miyasator; lamp: vintage 1950s with custom color

Saint Dizier Design

Together with the mother-of-pearl wavy and walls headboard, the designer wished to create an under-the-sea vibe.

Bedspread: habit, Glant; nighttime table: classic; artwork: Herve Fay

Saint Dizier Design

In Hawaii a patio is known as a lanai. Saint Dizier purchased the giant cypress-root java table on a trip to Bali. “It makes a superb outside coffee table,” he states. “It’s indestructable and organic.”

Saint Dizier Design

A little game area away from the living room is where the homeowners gather for cocktails, watch the sunset and share a casual meal. An open-backed settee allows for clear views into the ocean from the living room. An African tribal protect plays on a copper accent-color scheme.

Game table: steel and wood, Ironies; settee: Donghia

Saint Dizier Design

Although the living, media and dining spaces are all linked, Saint Dizier utilized furniture pieces and a smart design scheme to create each area feel intimate. A high-back sofa creates a buffer from the media area here, whilst swivel chairs allow guests to change perspectives in the TV to another to the backyard out along with the ocean on the other side.

Saint Dizier utilized a lot of aluminum accents across the house, to play the rock floor and wood tones. Then he added scoops of blue to correspond to the natural greens in the outside. Rough, primitive carved pieces, such as the coffee table, were introduced into counterbalance the clean appearance of the wood cabinets and straightforward architectural lines.

Sofa: Ironies, in Donghia fabric; copper chairs: Robert Kuo

Saint Dizier Design

Saint Dizier desired to bounce light off the table so that it shines upward on guests’ faces. “It eliminates dark shadows beneath people’s eyes and leaves everyone just look beautiful,” he states. “It’s an old trick.” The dining table has a bronze copper-finished lazy Susan in the center.

The designer commissioned artist Kenny Kicklighter to create a koi fish hanging sculpture to your dining room wall. The oil painting on mahogany panels is by Madeline McKay.

Table, buffet: Berman Rosetti

Saint Dizier Design

Saint Dizier chose this dark and ornate armoire because it seemed like Victorian-era pieces owned by Hawaiian royalty that he had seen in pictures — although it’s actually in the late 19th century’s American Aesthetic movement.

The four copper-color polymer acrylic tables have been chiseled out beneath to catch light shining through, which makes them appear like bubbles. The chairs were chosen due to their high backs to, again, create the impression of an intimate space. “Frank Lloyd Wright used to do this a lot,” Saint Dizier states. “You produce, in a feeling, a space in a room. Within this space it will help channel out the attention to the ocean over the settee.”

A considerable uplighting and downlighting scheme, with spotlights shining down frequently on specific parts of art, was key to the interior layout.

Tables, chairs: Ironies; armoire: 1stdibs

Saint Dizier Design

The designer discovered this painting in someone’s garage in Bali, covered in dirt and ripped. “I could only see the woman’s face, and I was so charmed by it. I needed to restore it.”

Considering that the figure appears to be royalty dressed for a ceremony, Saint Dizier bought Balinese jewelry to mount pedestals, he then placed on little shelves attached into a limestone wall. “I wished to be lively about featuring the jewelry, to play on the notion of a girl taking off her jewelry before getting into the bath,” he states.

Saint Dizier Design

A copper bathtub sits on shadowy ili ili stones, which hide a drain, so the demand for an overflow valve is obsolete.

The master lava and garden wall include jaw-dropping views and privacy. Unfortunately, Saint Dizier states, nobody actually uses tubs like these; everyone utilizes the outdoor shower instead. “It takes, for example, an hour and a half to match, and by that time it’s chilly,” Saint Dizier states. “Copper displaces heat quickly, so the temperature drops quickly. They’re beautiful to look at, in almost any case.”

Saint Dizier Design

The designer purchased the carved statue within this guest bedroom in Bali. The walls are handmade panels by David Goldberg.

Window Cabinets: Engineered timber, Hartmann and Forbes

Saint Dizier Design

The homeowners can walk into Kuko Beach or sofa at a blue mosaic-tile pool using a swim-up bar made from ohia wood and using a thatched roof. The region is surrounded by lava formations that, by law, aren’t allowed to be touched. Incorporating those to the landscape became important to the opinion.

Saint Dizier Design

This wood trunk bench was carved in Bali, as was the rock statue. The ohia wood column has a”gnarly, twisted, sumptuous type,” Saint Dizier states.

Saint Dizier Design

More ohia wood posts create the main property entry.

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