You can tell by looking at this planter that is groovy that it came in the 1950s from California. However, that’s about all we know about its own roots. No single designer ever officially licensed the layout of the item, a bullet-shaped fiberglass planter nested in a metal tripod stand. Design Within Reach spreads the lore that a maker of satellite dishes brought you house one afternoon, along with his wife decided it would make a good planter, but so far that’s only an unsubstantiated urban legend of the San Francisco Bay region. Wherever the planter came out, its design has suffered. Have a look — and please share some of your theories about its roots in the Remarks.

BAAN design

The elevation supplied by the tripod legs gives a houseplant an elegant perch. Rather than being anchored to the floor, the plant floats above it.

Design Within Reach

Bullet Planter, Short – $155

Bullet planters are made available in fun colors like turquoise, orange white and black and by manufacturers. This version was created in the USA and is offered in a 16- or 23-inch height. The planter itself is compression-molded fiberglass; the rack is powder-coated steel.

Sagan / Piechota Architecture

A bullet planter can add that dash of curb appeal that allows visitors know that the style is much more contemporary than your board and batten siding indicates.

Patrick J. Baglino, Jr.. Interior Design

This roof deck contains three other things we’ve called out as contemporary icons and new classics at other ideabooks. I will provide a high five to you if you can name all three.

Dana Decals

The iconic look of bullet figurines made them prime candidates to become smart wall stickers.

First Lamp

It is possible to find bullet planters in a number of heights; this one is only right for the corner between two low window ledges.

Design Within Reach

While they may not have been satellite dishes, bullets have many applications. This one serves as a poolside cooler with swagger…

Design Within Reach

Bullet Planter – $165

… while this one serves as a stylish magazine rack. If you have some more intelligent ideas for how to use one, please discuss them in the Remarks section.

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