Eiffel Tower lovers, this ideabook is for you. Gustave Eiffel’s accomplishment of engineering welcomed and wowed the crowds in the 1889 World’s Fair (which, in an attempt to top it, inspired Ferris to style his renowned wheel for the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago). The Eiffel Tower is possibly the most iconic and recognizable emblem of a town anywhere in the world.

Models one eighth the size of this exist in places like Cincinnati Ohio (the only one I have personally ascended — yee haw, King’s Island!) , and tiny models of it hang from our Christmas trees, sit among books on our shelves and have been built into everything from salt for snow removal Little Rock shakers into doorstops.

Janof Architecture

This site-specific mural in Seattle lets the Eiffel tower stand up to the Space Needle; the two towers were constructed for World Fairs, about 73 decades apart. Incidentally, whatever happened to World Fairs? I feel like we are missing out on all sorts of mad structures without them these days.

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I really like to pick up small models of the Eiffel tower whenever I’m in Paris (do not go thinking I’m all fancy, this happens perhaps once weekly ). They are cheap, they make interesting gifts and look good on a desktop, mixed in with books on a shelf, or on a nightstand.

LKM Layout

This unique Eiffel Tower lamp adds eclectic style to this bedroom.


Glamorous Parisian style is the ideal selection for this teenager’s bedroom, along with an Eiffel Tower print and tall version play a huge part in the appearance.


Even tots may enjoy the tower; here it’s quite pretty in pink. This designer has cleverly placed it on the wall so that it looks like it’s sitting atop the dresser.


Measuring Souvenier – $96

This growth chart is an enjoyable way to track your child’s changing height.

Kerrie L. Kelly

A large Eiffel Tower on the floor adds an interesting architectural element.

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Yup, I’m going to point out the Eiffel Tower and ignore the elephant, I mean moose, in the area!

Soorikian Architecture

A collection ordered from tallest to largest is a set among other neat objects in this area.

Mosca Photo

Striking images of the tower may add excitement to your walls.

Niki Papadopoulos

Even just a sector of the tower may create a major effect.

A version of the Eiffel tower lets visitors know there’s a Francophile from the house.

At West End

Eiffel tower doorway prevent or bookend – $29

See, I told you that there were doorstops! Do you have an Eiffel Tower around the house?

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