If weather, space and higher membership fees keep you apart in the gym, try setting up your own own right at home. Don’t worry — you don’t need a great deal of professional equipment to make it work. Setting an inspirational distance using a yoga mat or a very simple pair of weights could be all you need to get fit. Use these professional photos and tips as motivation to get off the sofa and on the treadmill.

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1. Inspirational gym. Stay motivated while working out by surrounding yourself with favorite memorabilia, photos and posters to maintain your positive attitude.

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2. All-inclusive workout. With an entertainment centre isn’t only for your living room anymore. Utilize a console to arrange weights, towels and water bottles for easy cleanup. Install a TV for your workout DVDs as the key focus.

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3. Visual transformation. Add floor-to-ceiling mirrors against one wall to create your house gym twice in size visually. Plus, you can perfect your shape.

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4. Yoga studio. Utilize a spare bedroom or office to make a very simple yoga studio. Ambient lighting, yoga mats and a mirror are all you require for this particular zen oasis. It’s an easy way to exercise at home, and the cost is minimal.

5. Stair workout. Tuck a small workout space directly beneath that awkward area under the stairs to your own basement. Remember, you don’t need an whole room to dedicate to exercising. Place your favourite equipment into the tightest spaces and you will never have an excuse to skip a workout again.

6. Cool down. Working out is tough, but cooling is essential. Design a spot to rest by making a seating area in your house gym. A seat with built-in storage is perfect for hiding absolutely free weights and towels also. Add a pillow and some cushions for additional softness.

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7. Family workout. Make working out a family affair. Use chalkboard-painted lockers plus a craft area so that your children could have fun with while you break a sweat. You may take your time working out, knowing that your kids are staying out of trouble.

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8. Small gym. You would be amazed at the areas a treadmill can fit. An unused storage space could become your new gym — mount a TV on the wall to keep your eye on the ball, and you are halfway there.

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9. Fitness enthusiast. Clear out your loft and make space to stretch, do yoga or follow along with a workout DVD. This really is a superb excuse to eliminate some clutter and begin a regular exercise routine.

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10. Office break. If you are convinced you don’t have some excess space for your favourite exercise equipment, try squeezing it into your office. It’s a constant reminder and using it can help you de-stress.

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