Perhaps the most stirring hue in the whole colour spectrum, red has been found to really raise one’s blood pressure. We associate it with life, vitality and passion. From Johannes Itten’s classic treatise on colour, as interpreted in The Elements of Colour , he discusses red’s connotations of heat, power and powerful emotion, and how to efficiently coordinate other colors with this intense colour.

According to Lillian Too, in The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Feng Shui, red represents strength, power and happiness, therefore it is a fantastic pick for a house’s front door. In times when red pigments were scarce and so expensive, a red front door heralded the wealth of the household who resided within. Many ancient civilizations thought a red door imbued the inhabitants with protection and luck. And in early American communities, a red front door signaled a pleasant, welcoming home.

Certainly entryways have quite a background with the colour red, so it is reasonable that it remains a popular selection for front doors today. Red itself comes in several colors, from fiery orange-reds to deep trendy burgundies. Let us take a look at six homes with bold, vibrant red doors and examples of exterior paint colour palettes inspired by each picture.

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1. Red Door With a Wonderful Medium-Gray House Color

I really like the contrast between the vibrant, pure red color of the door and the more muted blue-gray colour of the siding. The white trim adds crispness.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: Get a similar appearance with (clockwise from top left, all from Pratt & Lambert): Red Orange 7-16, Mendocino 30-32 and Steel 28-22.

Faust Construction

2. Red Door With a Warm, Dark House Color

Between the hot wood siding and the deep brown color of the metal cladding, this home sports some beautiful, vibrant colors. The punch of crimson on the doorway — a vibrant color with a little bit of orange in it announces the house’s entrance. Occasionally contemporary architecture may seem cold and uninviting, but that’s not the case with this elegant home.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: Get a similar appearance with (clockwise from top left, all from Mythic Paint): Simply Beautiful 111-6, Esmerelda Evening 144-1 and Antelope Canyon 159-6.

Jeffrey Dungan Architects

3. Warm Red Door With Heat, Light-Colored Siding

This entrance beckons you to come on in and enjoy a warm drink before a roaring fire after a day spent outdoors in the crisp fall air. Red doors look fantastic on homes with natural wood siding, however in case your siding demands paint, you can’t fail with colors of brown, tan and taupe.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: Get a similar appearance with (clockwise from top left, all from Valspar): Scarlet Sun 1011-1, Night Safari 6011-3 and Brown Buzz 6005-3B.

Julie Ranee Photography

4. Red Door With a Cool Light-Gray House Color

though it’s similar to the prior palette, the siding on this home includes a lighter colour. Again, the contrast between the saturated red color on the door and the toned-down soft blue-gray on the home is gratifying. White trim looks fantastic, but you could also go with a dim blue-black colour for more contrast and play from the light blue-gray siding.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: Get a similar appearance with (clockwise from top left, everything from Sherwin-Williams): Cease SW6869, Outerspace SW6251 and Krypton SW6247.

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

5. Red Door With a Colorful Palette

This catchy palette works nicely here, enhancing the clean and modern lines of the home. Red, orange and yellow are analogous colors (adjacent on the color wheel), so they tend to have a harmonious texture when utilized together.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: Get a similar appearance with (clockwise from top left, all from Benjamin Moore): Tomato Red 2010-10, Hampton Green 2150-50 and Coral Spice 2170-40.

Loop Design

6. Red Garage Door

Don’t neglect your garage door when painting the outside of your house. This vibrant red door adds a fun and surprising touch into the siding’s minty colour.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: Fire engine red is a classic doorway shade that plays well with many other colors, especially popular neutrals such as soft green, grey and taupe. Clockwise from top left (all from Sherwin-Williams): Fireworks SW6867, Bonsai Tint SW6436, Westchester Gray SW2849 and Intellectual Gray SW7045.

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