Despite its title, a breakfast bar isn’t only a place for a morning latte and a bowl of oatmeal. This useful feature, which may be as simple or ornate as your kitchen is, matches multiple roles: a cocktail party buffet, a kids’ homework channel, additional dinner party seating and more. Listed below are eight excellent approaches to take into account.

Most breakfast bars sit higher than the kitchen countertops, but this one takes the opposite tack. Diners can sip a beverage or nibble hors d’oeuvres at a comfortable height, however still have a fantastic perspective of the cooking activity.

Michael A. Menn

This breakfast bar, designed along the same lines, provides the feel of a demilune table. Like the one in the prior photo, it has dropped enough to accommodate standard seats rather than stools.

Alex Amend Photography

The back of this half-wall could readily have languished as wasted space. Fortunately, someone saw an opportunity and set it to work with an easy bracketed strip of timber that produces the perfect place for perching with coffee or cocktails.

A slim breakfast bar runs the perimeter of this screened-in porch — an innovative way to maximize space and keep the focus on these amazing views.

Mc Adam Kitchens

This round breakfast bar has a lot of things going for it. Not only does it allow for simpler conversation than a traditional side-by-side seating arrangement, but it also has the feel of a desk. A dropped cupboard divides it from the work surface without putting too much space between both.

Hufft Projects

Assessing this countertop serves a double purpose: It opens plenty of space to tuck in stools, and it also expands the work place when no one’s eating.


Even the tiniest bit of additional counter space may work as a breakfast bar. This slight overhang provides only enough room to slip in a pair of stools at right angles to each other.

Kaplan Thompson Architects

This lovely vignette demonstrates a breakfast bar doesn’t have to be complicated. A very simple plank and a pair of stools are all that’s required to create a space for romantic dining table with a front-row chair for neighborhood street life.

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