Most kitchen backsplashes are 15 to 18 inches high. This surface is just like every other in your kitchen, so don’t let it go to waste. Take advantage of it to help you get through daily tasks. From holding cookbooks to allowing you watch your favourite cooking show, to maintaining often-used items at hand, these clever backsplashes help set the bar for design and service.

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1. Cookbook reader. For messy cooks, maintaining a cookbook on the counter may be a big mistake. If you are constantly dripping oil and tomato sauce all over, try hanging your cookbook on your backsplash.

Railing systems like the one displayed here are simple to install on any type of backsplash. Select your own pair of hooks, containers and ledges to create the configuration you need.

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2. Towel and Knife rack. Avid chefs and occasional cooks alike utilize knives and towels just about every day. This backsplash setup keeps both within arm’s reach, making homework, cleaning and cooking much easier.

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3. Utensil and spice racks. Obtain a professional look by keeping your out cooking utensils, just like at a restaurant. Cooking your favourite dishes is much simpler when you do not have to search packed drawers for that 1 spoon, spatula or spice. Locate a shelf or spice rack to hang straight in your backsplash for simple access.

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4. Oils and spice market. A wall depth — approximately 3 to 4 inches — is rarely used. Create a market for regular oils, spices and other cooking necessities. It will allow you to take advantage of every square inch your own kitchen provides.

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5. Microwave. Microwaves frequently occupy precious space on a counter, in an island at upper cabinetry. If you are tight on space but can’t imagine living without a microwave, then build it in your backsplash. This fully flush microwave produces a clean and seamless look and works perfectly with all the modern decor.


6. Television. Prep your foods together with your favourite celebrity chef. Building a TV directly in your backsplash means you can watch every move without having to crane your neck, and you’re able to catch up on your favourite shows while dinner is in the oven.

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7. Espresso maker. This uberpopular kitchen appliance (at least first thing in the morning) can be set up right into your backsplash for simple espresso making. Bulky coffeemakers may take up precious countertop space in tiny kitchens; this easy options works good for people who can’t go without their morning joe.

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8. Appliance garage. Hide your countertop appliances supporting flush tambour doors. The countertop extends inside these vacuums, so your toaster, toaster and food processor can slide out effortlessly. See if you’re able to have sockets installed indoors to prevent constant plugging and unplugging.

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